CMMI V2.0 for Development was released as of March 28, 2018. The model will deliver best in-class solutions to elevate and benchmark organizational performance with demonstrated results. It:

  • Includes performance management

  • Provides more frequent performance measures

  • Delivers confidence for buyers (benchmarking)

  • Makes the CMMI easier to adopt/use

  • Ensures value-added adoption and reduce total cost of ownership

  • Provides guidance and tools on how to improve

  • Provides flexibility/tailorability (right size)

CMMI V2.0 incorporates Practices from the three current constellations (DEV, ACQ and SVC plus the People CMM). It will also have Practices relating to safety and security concerns. The appraisal method and training will be revised to reflect the new model. Additional parts of the model will be released later in 2018.

Appraisals against V2.0 will begin in 2019. The current version, V 1.3, is planned to be sunsetted around 18 months after the official release of V2.0. V1.3 appraisals will not be accepted after March 2020.

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