3 ways to boost your personal security online

Here are three suggestions related to security advice about being careful what you share with the world:

1. Have at least three email addresses: use one email for family and friends, one email for ongoing business relationships like banks, investment accounts, etc. and a third email account for making random purchases like tires or clothes or stores you don't use regularly. Don't have your real name or real information associated with any email account.

2. Give the very minimum information necessary to finish a transaction. If they aren't going to call you then don't need your real number. If they aren't sending anything to your address they don't need your address. If you don't care if they email you they don't even get your real email address. When you set up accounts always ask “do they need this information for me to do whatever I need to do with this account?”

3. On social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) don’t say where you are or when you’ll be gone from home. Read the social media site’s fine print. Keep your full name and address to yourself. Think twice about posting photos which might reveal personal information such as the name of child’s school. Recognize that maintaining your privacy online isn’t easy. There are people out there who want—and will do just about anything—to get your private information. Here are two good websites for more information:…/protect-your-p…/social-networks