CMMI® models are business process modeling frameworks that help organizations build capability to achieve performance excellence.

CMMI® V3.0 will deliver best in-class solutions to elevate and benchmark organizational performance with demonstrated results. 

CMMI® V3.0:

  • Includes performance management

  • Provides more frequent performance measures

  • Delivers confidence for buyers (benchmarking)

  • Makes the CMMI easier to adopt/use

  • Ensures value-added adoption and reduce total cost of ownership

  • Provides guidance and tools on how to improve

  • Provides flexibility/tailorability (right size)

CMMI Development V3.0 was released in 2023. It includes seven domains: Development, Services, People, Safety, Security, Supplier, and Virtual. MDM provides consulting and appraisal services for the Development and Services domains.

CMMI® for Development (CMMI-DEV)

CMMI-DEV consists of best practices that address development and maintenance activities that cover the product life cycle from conception through delivery and maintenance.

CMMI® for Services (CMMI-SVC)

CMMI-SVC consists of best practices that cover the activities required to manage, establish, and deliver quality services to customers and end users.

CMMI® for Suppliers (SPM)

CMMI-SPM consists of best practices used to improve supplier management processes in an organization that deals with multiple suppliers for its business.